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Amandi Lutum means loving clay in Latin. Amandi was founded through a love of creating and a love for fellow humans. Your purchase will make a statement. A beautiful way to embellish your wardrobe while helping the world become a better place.

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Amandi Sunt Nobis –

/We Are Loving/


5% of every purchase is allocated to charities that provide for basic human needs.

These include food, water, shelter, and basic hygiene. We rotate charities every quarter. The first quarter of 2020 is Feeding America.

Be on the lookout for our next pick. Have a charity suggestion? We would love to hear from you. Fill out this quick questionnaire. All eligible entries will be entered into a raffle, if your entry is chosen you will receive a FREE pair of earrings.

*Raffle will be pulled the last Sunday of each quarter for the following quarter. If a charity is duplicated we will reach out to allow you to submit an alternate charity.



Sweet & Delicious

All earrings are handmade. Posts are standard titanium which does not contain any nickel. Most earrings can be upgraded to plated gold or sterling silver.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“At Amandi Lutum, our goal is to provide top quality products while incorporating sustainable practice & packaging and making a difference in the world through charitable acts. We want you to feel great about wearing our products while knowing that your purchase is doing good.”

Mikena Werner, Founder

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